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WWelcome to my website. Since I’ve always loved reading stories and listening to music, it’s only natural that I’d try my hand at creating some of my own. I hope you’ll enjoy the ones you find here. Three youtube videos offer brief introductions to my three produced Broadway style musicals. Two free-download CDs show the wide range of my original tunes. And there are six of my published short stories, plus my blog. Here’s a bit about each of the stories: “The Blind Man” is about, well, who’s willing to cheat a blind man at the court house. “Stalking Jennifer Lawrence” is about a wacko who claims the movie star’s handlers keep stealing his ideas for her movie plots. “The Expert” is about Hemingway and an intense scuba diving experience in the keys. “Robin’s Installation” is about a sly saboteur wrecking an avant-garde art show. “Where It Rains” is about two young American hitchhikers who wind up in a vivid mountain town in 1970s Mexico. “Thirty-Six Rockers” is about the extreme effect of an auction on a grieving daughter. Thanks for dropping by my website. Leave me a message. I’d love to hear what you think.  
Rick Neumayer
--Rick Neumayer
  The Blind Man
  Stalking Jennifer Lawrence
  The Expert
  Where It Rains
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David and Bathsheba

A musical drama by Rick Neumayer, David Sisk & Bill Corcoran

“The biblical story of David and Bathsheba has it all: bravery, intrigue, love, betrayal and retribution... A huge evening of family entertainment”

--Greg Gapsis, Jeffersonville Evening News


The story of Israel’s greatest king and warrior, who as author of the Psalms also is its greatest poet and song writer. From the young shepherd boy’s stone-flinging victory over Goliath to his consuming desire for the tempting Bathsheba, the show blends memorable music, a dramatic love story to wring the hardest heart, and a smattering of comedy.

Cast size: 12 Principal characters: 8 Men, 4 Women; 4-8 Chorus members.

Original songs: You Will Adore Us, The Lord Is My Shepherd, Goliath’s Challenge, What Does It Take To Be A Wife, A Mighty Fall, My King, Half Full, Let’s Sing About Love, Make Up A Rhyme, Out Of My Mind Over You, How Do I Say No, What Is Love, My Baby and Me, End Of The Story

Mark Twain On The River

A musical comedy fantasy by Bill Corcoran & Rick Neumayer

“The haunting number “A Pap Has a Job to Do” is filled with minor chords and roaring arpeggios that sound like crashing waves.... fast-paced, with quality songs and interesting choreography...”

--Sherry Deatrick, Louisville Eccentric Observer


A bankrupt city is about to turn its floating theatre into a casino when Mark Twain miraculously appears. This is a musical fantasy about miracles, fathers and sons, and love’s redemptive power. Some scenes have a familiar charm, but it’s a brand-new story that will surprise and delight a broad audience of all ages, but especially those who love Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Among others, the ensemble cast includes Twain, Tom, Huck, Aunt Polly, Pap Finn, Jim, Becky Thatcher, and Judge Thatcher.

Cast size: 13 Principal characters: 7 Men, 6 Women; 2-8 Chorus members depending on the pragmatism and ingenuity of the director. A full piano/conductor score is available. Digitally orchestrated rehearsal and/or performance tracks can be provided.

Original songs
: River Boat Show, Send Me A Sign, All You Need Is Vision, Missouri Forget It, A Pap Has A Job To Do, Engaged, Free Free Free, I’ll Never Tell, You Do What You Gotta Do, The Ohio, What Would Mister Twain Do,v A Big Disgrace, It’s True It’s True, Nobody Told Me, No More Dancin’ Shows

Little Bear of the Miami:
The Frances Slocum Story

A musical drama by Bill Corcoran & Rick Neumayer

The true story of a young Quaker girl, who was abducted from her family and raised as the daughter of a Miami chief in Indiana.


Little Bear is s a tale of adventure, love and the triumph of the human spirit. It will appeal to a broad audience of all ages, but especially to lovers of historical fiction and those who believe that women and men can endure and prevail over life’s most arduous challenges. The play also focuses on the brutal and unjust treatment of Native Americans and the senselessness of war.

Cast size: 17 Principal characters: 10 Men, 5 Women, 2 Children; & Chorus

Original songs: Night Sky, Story Game, Red Hair White Skin, Hear Us Great Spirit, Twelve Skies Only One Sacred, Beautiful, Mostly Men Are Useless, White Man Must Pay, Save The People, Days Of The Sun, Legend of Little Bear, My Life My Land
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Caribbean Cats
Fathers and Daughters

Cosmic Solution
Come On
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